Spanish Language Arts and Reading (SLAR) Product Reviews

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Learning List has reviewed each of the five Spanish language arts and reading (SLAR) materials submitted to the Texas Education Agency in response to the Proclamation 2019. Below are brief discussions of each of the SLAR products. Learning List has reviewed each of the corresponding English language arts and reading (ELAR) products referenced in descriptions.

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New Product Review: Matific Math Learning Platform

New Product Review: Matific Math Learning Platform

Learning List has reviewed Matific Math Learning Platform, which is a supplemental online product that supports mathematics instruction in grades K-6. Content addresses a variety of standards, including the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills and the Common Core State Standards. Instruction is presented in adaptive “episodes” (i.e., learning games) that help students discover mathematics concepts independently.

At each grade level, Matific presents instruction in interactive games and simulations. Each activity is linked to a grade and concept (e.g., grade 3, division), as well as a variety of learning standards. Teachers may select the relevant standards (e.g., TEKS) using a drop-down menu. Most activities include guidance for students in how to complete learning tasks. When guidance is text-based, an audio reader is provided. [Read more…]

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New Product Review: Pearson Elementary Statistics: Picturing the World

Learning List has reviewed Pearson’s Elementary Statistics: Picturing the World, which is a comprehensive product that supports instruction in high school statistics courses. Content is available in print and eBook formats and includes a variety of resources housed in Pearson’s “MyLab™” online platform. Instruction is algebra-based and emphasizes the importance of statistics in real-world contexts and the practical applications of skills.Statistics

Elementary Statistics begins with a preface that describes the course’s resources, including those found in MyStatLab and a short “How to Study Statistics” feature that provides a set of study strategies. MyStatLab contains an “Orientation” and “Getting Ready for Statistics” activities that are not included in the text. Elementary Statistics text-based content is organized in four parts: (1) Descriptive Statistics, (2) Probability and Probability Distributions, (3) Statistical Inference, and (4) More Statistical Inference. [Read More…]

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