New Reviews: Wiley’s Physics and Chemistry AP

New Reviews: Wiley’s Physics and Chemistry AP


[Source: WileyPLUS]

WileyPLUS provides comprehensive, advanced high school physics and chemistry (i.e., The Molecular Nature of Matter) courses that include online and print materials. Instruction focuses on developing students’ conceptual understanding, problem solving skills, and knowledge of the real-world application of physic and chemistry concepts. Content supports instruction in Advanced Placement (AP) Physics and Chemistry courses. Learning List has recently completed reviews of WileyPLUS’ physics and chemistry materials.

The Molecular Nature of Matter begins with a short history of chemistry that provides a foundation for understanding the course’s approach to molecules and chemical reactions. Subsequent chapters address the factual and conceptual content that forms the basis for developing theoretical models in chemistry.  The Physics course begins with a review of key math concepts and skills (e.g., symbolic manipulation, the quadratic formula), and then  addresses physics concepts (e.g., force, momentum, energy, optics) with a focus on problem solving and the examination of real-world phenomena through the lens of physics.


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Resources for both courses facilitate teacher-led instruction and student self-study. Both courses also include ORION online adaptive study and practice software, which offers individualized instruction. Students complete a diagnostic assessment that evaluates their understanding of chapter content by objective and prescribes customized “Study” and “Practice” activities tailored to their individual learning needs. The Study feature of the program recommends sections of the e-text for students to read or review. Practice uses adaptive software to customize practice problems for each student.

About WileyPLUS*

WileyPLUS is a research-based online environment for effective teaching and learning. WileyPLUS builds students’ confidence because it takes the guesswork out of studying by providing a clear roadmap; what to do, how to do it, if they did it right. With WileyPLUS, students take more initiative so you’ll have a greater impact.

Based on cognitive science, WileyPLUS with ORION, provides students with a personal, adaptive learning experience. Simply by assigning ORION, you can diagnose the real-time proficiency of each student and see the areas that need reinforcement. With ORION’s adaptive practice, students can interact with each other as they think more deeply about concepts at hand. ORION helps you measure students’ engagement and proficiency throughout the course so that you can easily assess how things are going at any point in time.

* The content in this section is provided by or adapted from WileyPLUS.

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Learning List Reviews Advanced Placement (AP) Materials to Fuel Student Success

Hundreds of AP teachers from across the country will arrive in Austin, Texas, this week to attend the  AP Annual Conference.  Many will attend sessions with master teachers to learn how to teach the rigorous AP content.  A  criticaadvanced_placementl component to students’ success in AP courses is their instructional materials. The materials must teach students not only the content required for each course, but also the skills the courses are designed to develop.

Districts spend more money to purchase AP products than any other instructional materials. When Learning List started receiving requests for reviews of AP materials, we contacted College Board to inquire whether they review and recommend texts to AP teachers. We were told that College Board does not recommend texts and that they shared our concern that AP materials must align with the course frameworks for AP courses in order to support student success.  They explained that in the past, course descriptions were too general to make an alignment of materials instructionally meaningful.  However, in response to teachers’ requests, over a 15 year schedule, College Board will be publishing new course frameworks that specify the content and skills students are expected to learn and will be tested on for each AP course.

With a shared goal of helping publishers produce materials that will prepare students for success in AP courses, Learning List worked with College Board to develop alignment templates based on the recently rAP reviews image for blogeleased course frameworks.  Learning List now reviews AP materials for alignment to the Learning Objectives (LO) (i.e., what students must be able to do) and separately to the Skills and Practices (i.e., larger transferable skills) contained in the newly revised course frameworks for AP Physics (1 and 2), Chemistry, Biology, World History, European History, and US History.  Reviews of materials for AP Calculus AB and BC will begin this fall.  For Texas subscribers, Learning List also reviews AP texts for alignment to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) for the relevant course.

Learning List’s alignment templates not only help educators identify where the materials are or are not aligned, but also provide ongoing professional development to help AP teachers better understand the connections between Learning Objectives and Science Practices in AP science courses and between the Thematic Learning Objectives and Historical Thinking Skills in AP social studies courses.

Recognizing the unique nature of AP courses, Learning List hires subject matter experts (SMEs) who are certified in the subject of the AP course and have experience teaching the course, as well.  Our SMEs report that reviewing AP materials is especially challenging because of the density of the texts.  “One cannot skim over a page or video to see whether a topic is addressed; you have to read all the text to determine whether it is aligned to an LO,” they explained.

Subscribing districts have requested reviews of AP materials from several publishers; Wiley Publishing was the first to submit their products for review.  Wiley representatives commented that Learning List’s review process helped them better understand how educators will use the new course frameworks instructionally, which in turn will help them develop products more closely aligned to the content and skills of the frameworks.  As a result, teachers and students will benefit.

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New Reviews: Sensible Solutions’ “A Common Sense Guide for Teaching Common Core Literacy”

[Source: Sensible Solutions]

[Source: Sensible Solutions]

Sensible SolutionsA Common Sense Guide for Teaching Common Core Literacy is a resource to support grade 6-12 educators in transitioning to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for literacy. The print-based Guide clarifies the CCSS and the progression of literacy standards across grade levels. Content is primarily designed to support teachers in adapting their instruction and materials to meet the demands of the CCSS. The Guide’s first chapter breaks down each standard into its core concepts and tracks the development of concepts across grade levels. Learning List has completed reviews of the materials for grades 6-12.

The Guide also contains guidance and supplementary materials for teaching literature and informational texts. These materials define key concepts (e.g., tone and voice) and provide examples and tips to help clarify meaning for students. Other resources include an extensive glossary of terms and concepts that apply to the CCSS and 300 pages of multiple-choice and open-ended questions that teachers may adapt and use for assessment.

About Sensible Solutions*

[Source: Sensible Solutions]

[Source: Sensible Solutions]

Sensible Solutions of Norton, Massachusetts, is an educational publishing company that is dedicated to providing quality school supplies and teaching aids at unbeatable prices. Co-founded by a middle school English Language Arts teacher of 9 years and former United States Recon Marine and entrepreneur, the company has combined its experience and expertise to build a business that caters to the unique needs of today’s teachers. Their aim is to save teachers time and money and to stay current on the educational trends and initiatives. With the Common Core Standards Initiative, they continue to strive to showcase the best products on the market to help teachers implement the new standards and will continue to offer new, innovative products as they are developed. Visit their site to see what’s new.

* The content in this section is provided by or adapted from Sensible Solutions, Inc..

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