New Review: Really Great Reading’s Blast Foundations G1A (Grade 1 Aligned)


[Source: Really Great Reading]

Really Great Reading’s Blast Foundations G1A (Grade 1 Aligned) is a supplemental resource to support early reading development in grades K and 1 and intervention in grades 2 and 3.  Resources are available in print format with additional online components. Instruction develops the foundational skills students need in order to become proficient readers, including letter-sound relationships, phonemic and phonological awareness, high frequency word recognition, and phonics and spelling skills.

Blast Foundations supplements core reading instruction by providing structured lessons that support emerging readers in grades K and 1, early intervention in grade 1, and ongoing intervention in grades 2 and 3. Instruction develops students’ decoding skills, reading fluency, and ability to understand what they read.

Instruction is presented in 25 weekly units made up of five daily lessons designed to last 15-20 minutes. Lessons are structured by the Gradual Release of Responsibility (GRR) instructional model and incorporate recognizable routines, such as “Look, Think, Say.” Hands-on activities and the use of manipulatives, such as magnetic letter tiles and SyllaBoardsÔ (i.e., single-sided dry erase boards), are integrated throughout instruction.

About Really Great Reading*

Really Great Reading believes that every student has the right to appropriate, high-quality, foundational-skills reading instruction. Unfortunately, millions of students struggle to read because they have deficits in their basic reading skills. These gaps often lead to poor decoding skills. The research is clear; automaticity in decoding is a critical skill for fluent reading and proficient comprehension.

Really Great Reading is focused on preventing and remediating decoding weaknesses in students in all grades (and even adults). We provide educators the tools and knowledge to teach all students (not just those who learn easily) to read. We make assessment and grouping practical, efficient and accurate. Our approach to reading instruction is research-based, interactive, explicit, structured, and multisensory. In our lessons, students not only learn to read, but enjoy the intelligent learning process.

*The content in this section is provided by or adapted from Really Great Reading.

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New Review: i-Ready


[Source: Curriculum Associates]

i-Ready provides supplemental, online resources to support instruction and intervention in mathematics and reading for students in grades K-12. The program uses an adaptive diagnostic assessment to identify individual student strengths and learning gaps and prescribes teacher-led instruction and online tutorials tailored to particular learning needs. Learning List recently reviewed reading and math resources for grades K-8.

An adaptive, diagnostic assessment is the core of the i-Ready instructional program. In reading, the diagnostic assesses students’ learning level in the following domains: phonological awareness (K and 1), high-frequency words (K-3), phonics (K-4), vocabulary (K-8), and reading comprehension for literary and informational texts (K-8). Across grades K-8, the math diagnostic assesses students’ learning in numbers and operations, measurement and data, algebra and algebraic thinking, and geometry.

Based on the results of the diagnostic assessments, students are assigned individualized learning paths made up of online video tutorials and teacher-led lessons. Assessment results also recommend students with similar learning needs for teacher-led, small group instruction.

In video tutorials, age-appropriate animated characters provide direct instruction and lead students through guided practice activities. Tutorials are interactive and provide immediate corrective feedback and explanations of why an answer is or is not correct. Tutorials end with a quiz which students must pass with a score of 70% or higher (teachers may reset passing scores). Downloadable resources that support teacher-led individual, small group, or whole group instruction include “Step by Step” lesson plans and “Ways to Teach” activities. Step by Step lesson plans provide in depth instruction in a single skill. Ways to Teach suggests several activities or approaches to teaching a skill or reinforcing student learning.

About Curriculum Associates*


[Source: Curriculum Associates]

Curriculum Associates is a rapidly growing education company committed to making classrooms better places for teachers and students. We believe that all children have the chance to succeed, and our research-based, award-winning products, including i-Ready®, Ready®, BRIGANCE®, and other programs, provide teachers and administrators with flexible resources that deliver meaningful assessments and data-driven, differentiated instruction for children.

Because we are independently owned and operated, we are able to provide the best prices so that every district, school, and educator can afford to bring top quality resources to their students. By maintaining our independence, we are able to channel our investments toward the things that really matter—like product development, research, and unmatched customer service.

For the past 40 years, we have consistently developed high-quality products that make a profound difference in the lives of students and educators, and we will continue to bring these proven products—as well as new ones—to you in the future.

*The content in this section is provided by or adapted from Curriculum Associates.

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New Review: Apex Learning’s Comprehensive Online Courses for Texas English I-IV


[Source: Apex Learning]

Learning List recently reviewed Apex Learning’s comprehensive online courses for Texas English I-IV. Each course provides a full year’s content organized in two semesters. Resources support instruction in self-paced, remediation, and credit recovery programs.

English I and II focus on developing reading, writing, and critical thinking skills through the study of a variety of literary and informational texts. The first semester of English I covers the short story, fiction, poetry, and the novella, and the second semester addresses drama, rhetoric, and science fiction. English II covers prose, elements of fiction (i.e., setting), literary criticism, the research paper, practical documents (e.g., formal letters), persuasive writing, speech, and argumentation. English III addresses American literature and is organized chronologically, spanning the American Revolution to contemporary writing and the media. Similarly, English IV presents chronological coverage of British and world literature from Homer’s Odyssey through contemporary writing (e.g., Beckett) and the media.

Across courses, students learn to write for different purposes, including explanatory, argumentative, analysis, and research-based essays. Each course provides tools to help struggling readers, such as embedded prompts ask students to respond to what they have read. Prompts provide example responses and a field for students to write their comments.

The first semester covers the American Revolution through the rise of Modernism after World War I. The second semester covers the Great Depression to contemporary writing and the media.  Across both semesters, students learn to write for different purposes, including explanatory, argumentative, analysis, and research-based essays.

About Apex Learning*

Founded in 1997, Apex Learning is the leading provider of blended and virtual learning solutions to the nation’s schools. The company’s standards-based digital curriculum — in math, science, English, social studies, world languages, and Advanced Placement® — is widely used for original credit, credit recovery, remediation, intervention, acceleration, and exam preparation.

Schools across the country are successfully using Apex Learning digital curriculum to meet the needs of students, from building foundational skills to creating opportunities for advanced coursework.

*The content provided here was provided by or adapted from Apex Learning.

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