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New Product Review: Pearson Using & Understanding Mathematics: A Quantitative Reasoning Approach

Learning List has reviewed Pearson’s Using & Understanding Mathematics: A Quantitative Reasoning Approach. This comprehensive product supports instruction in Texas’ Advanced Quantitative Reasoning (AQR) high school courses. Content is available in print and eBook formats and includes a variety of resources housed in Pearson’s “MyLab™ Math” online platform. Instruction emphasizes the importance of quantitative reasoning skills in real-world contexts and the practical applications of skills. calculator and papers

Using & Understanding Mathematics begins with a Prologue that discusses how knowledge of mathematics is important in life and careers and seeks to dispel negative attitudes about mathematics (e.g., “Math is irrelevant to my life.”). Core content is presented in twelve chapters that address the relevance of mathematics in everyday contexts. Some chapter titles include “Managing Money,” “Modeling Our World,” and “Mathematics and Politics.” [Read More…]

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New Review: AQR’s Mathematics for the World Around Us

[Source: AQR Press]

[Source: AQR Press]

Advanced Quantitative Reasoning’s (AQR) Mathematics for the World Around Us is a comprehensive course for high school students who have successfully completed Algebra II or Integrated Mathematics III. Learning List reviewed the course’s print teacher and student editions as submitted for state adoption in Texas.  AQR’s materials indicate that an interactive electronic version of the textbook was in development at the time of Learning List’s review (summer 2014).

[Source: AQR Press]

[Source: AQR Press]

Mathematics for the World Around Us combines the traditional high school mathematics content (i.e., algebra, geometry, and functions) with college and career readiness topics (e.g., financial literacy, statistics, and modeling). The course serves as an option for fourth-year high school math instruction in Texas. Prerequisites includes: Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II OR Integrated High School Mathematics I, II, and III.  Content is broken into three parts: Numerical Reasoning Probability, Statistical Reasoning, and Modeling With Algebra and Discrete Mathematics.

Across parts, instruction focuses on exploration and inquiry of concepts. Content includes frequent textbox activities titled “Quick Questions,” “Explorations,” and “Investigations.” Quick Questions take a few minutes to complete, explorations take a little longer, and investigations may take the full period. Each part also includes a larger capstone project focused on a real-world problem.  Mathematics for the World Around Us does not include formal tests. However, the course’s activities, exercises, and projects support performance-based assessments of learning.

Teacher editions include appendices with teaching notes and answer keys. Students will need a graphing calculator. AQR provides course files for use with TI-nspire CAS calculator on its website.

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