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New Product: STEMscopes

New Product: STEMscopes

Is your district looking for material to support implementation of the NGSS? Take a look at Learning List’s review of Accelerate Learning’s STEMscopes NGSS 3D.

STEMscopes is a comprehensive science program for grades K-12. Learning List recently reviewed the materials for K-8. Elementary content is organized by grade level, and middle school content is divided into three courses: Life Science, Physical Science, and Earth and Space Science. The materials are digital, with the option of printing PDF documents for most program components.

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New Product Review: Accelerate Learning STEMscopes

Accelerate Learning's STEMscopesAccelerate Learning’s STEMscopes is a comprehensive product that supports science instruction in grades PK-12. Content is available in print and digital formats and includes kits of hands-on materials for each K-5 grade level and middle school and high school course (e.g., physical science). Instruction provides hands-on investigations, activities that link science to other content areas, and collaborative learning experiences. Learning List recently reviewed resources for K-12. [Read more…]

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Reviewed: STEMscopes by Accelerate Learning


[Source: Accelerate Learning]

STEMscopes is a comprehensive, vertically-aligned, online science curriculum focused on the development of STEM skills (i.e., Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) while addressing 100% of the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) science standards for grades K-12. Student materials are available in downloadable PDFs and in consumable texts. Learning List has reviewed the full line of K-12 STEMscopes materials, as well as the pre-K Early Explorer material.

Content is organized using the 5E instructional model: (1) Engage, (2) Explore, (3) Explain, (4) Elaborate, and (5) Evaluate. Writing activities are embedded throughout the curriculum, and instruction includes explicit connections to STEM subjects as well as careers in STEM fields. STEMscopes is a highly visual program that supports English language learners and struggling readers. Content is continually updated to reflect current science knowledge, best practices, and user-requested components (there is no charge for updates).

Embedded videos provide teachers with on-time guidance in implementing hands-on investigations and activities. The STEMscopes website includes alignment resources as well as a “Teacher Toolbox” to support planning across grade levels.


[Source: Accelerate Learning]

About Accelerate Learning*

Accelerate Learning, in conjunction with Rice University, is the creator of STEMscopes, a pre-K -12 STEM solution that address state standards, NGSS, and pre-K objectives across 3 unique curriculums. Backed by a “for teachers, by teachers” philosophy and a network of professional development resources (, Accelerate Learning is here to propel STEM into the 21st century. Affordable for schools, engaging for students, and easy to use for teachers, STEMscopes drives student achievement at an unprecedented level.

*The content in this section is provided by or adapted from the Accelerate Learning LinkedIn page.

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