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New Product Review: Exploros English Language Arts/Reading

New Product Review: Exploros English Language Arts/Reading

Exploros is an open-educational resource (OER) that provides comprehensive products that support instruction in the social studies and English language arts/reading (ELAR) core content areas. Exploros is available at no cost. Content is available online and facilitates instruction in teacher-led, technology-based learning environments, such as 1:1 programs and flipped classrooms. This review is of ELAR resources for grades 4-8.

At each grade level, Exploros organizes content in seven units that address: (1) foundational skills, (2) literary genres, (3) non-fiction texts, (4) author’s craft, (5) personal narrative, (6) the writing process, and (7) inquiry and research. Each unit is made up of a set of “experiences” or lessons that are organized using the 5E model (i.e., engage, explore, explain, elaborate, and evaluate). A “scene” or a set of online page(s) is provided for each “E” in the model. Scenes are activities related to the E of the 5E model. For example, the first scene in each lesson/experience is an engagement activity that clarifies the lesson’s learning objectives. [Read more…]

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New Product Review: American Reading Company (ARC) Core

American Reading Company's ARC CoreAmerican Reading Company’s (ARC) Core is a comprehensive, project-based reading, writing, and research program for students in grades K-12. Resources are available in print and online formats and address the instructional shifts of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) (e.g., “Building knowledge through content-rich nonfiction”). Instruction is organized in a workshop structure that provides opportunities for whole class, small group, and one-on-one instruction. Learning List recently reviewed resources for grades K-5. [Read more…]

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New Product Review: Amazon TenMarks Math

TenMarksAmazon’s TenMarks Math is a comprehensive online product that supports mathematics instruction in grades K-12. Content addresses the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and the California CCSS. TenMarks Math includes interactive whiteboard (IWB) lessons, inquiry-based learning games (i.e., “Labs”), practice assignments, and short video tutorials on specific concepts. Learning List recently reviewed of materials for kindergarten. [Read more…]

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New Product Review: Edvantage Interactive AP Chemistry 1 and AP Chemistry 2

Edvantage Interactive AP Chemistry 1 and 2Learning List has reviewed Edvantage Interactive’s AP Chemistry 1 and AP Chemistry 2. The combined products comprise a comprehensive resource that supports instruction in Advanced Placement (AP) Chemistry courses. Content is available in print format with additional digital learning tools. Instruction addresses the College Board’s course framework for AP Chemistry with an emphasis on real-world problem solving linked to contemporary problems (e.g., buffering agents in over the counter medications). [Read more…]

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New Product Review: OpenStax Biology for AP Courses

OpenStax AP BiologyLearning List has reviewed OpenStax’s Biology for AP Courses. This c­­­­­­­omprehensive, open education resource (OER) resource supports Advanced Placement (AP) Biology instruction at the high school level. Resources are available online and may be downloaded as an interactive PDF. Instruction covers the content for an introductory college-level biology course with an emphasis on ensuring resources address the College Board’s course framework for AP Biology. [Read more…]

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