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New Product Review: Imagine Language & Literacy

Imagine Learning Language & Literacy

Imagine Learning’s Imagine Language & Literacy is a program of digital tutorials that supports the development of language and literacy skills for students in grades PreK-6. The supplemental program uses assessment and performance data to customize instruction for individual students. Its highly visual lessons are designed to engage struggling readers, English learners, and early elementary students. Learning List recently reviewed resources for grades K-5. [Read more…]

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New Product Review: Imagine Math (Formerly known as Think Through Math)

Imagine Math provides supplemental, online mathematics programs for grades 2 through high school. Resources support self-paced instruction in remediation and intervention programs. Across grade levels, Imagine Math’s adaptive software adjusts content to meet individual learning needs, provides immediate corrective feedback, and motivates students through a system of extrinsic rewards. Learning List recently reviewed Imagine Math’s resources for high school Geometry and Integrated Math I & II, which are described in Appendix A of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). [Read more…]

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Reviews of Imagine Learning Posted on Learning List


Source: Imagine Learning. All rights reserved.

Source: Imagine Learning. All rights reserved.

Imagine Learning is a supplemental program of computer-based tutorials that supports the development of language and literacy skills for students in grades K-5. Instruction addresses reading, vocabulary, grammar, speaking, and listening skills, and is targeted to meet the needs of English language learners, struggling readers, early elementary students, and Response to Intervention programs.

Content is presented in short, interactive tutorials that are highly visual and engaging. At grades K-2, tutorials address the foundational skills for reading, such as letter and word recognition and basic vocabulary. Tutorials for grades 3-5 build on foundational skills and address academic vocabulary, grammar, and strategies for reading and understanding informational and literary texts. Across grades, content addresses phonological awareness, reading comprehension and fluency, and speaking and listening skills. Instruction incorporates games, age-appropriate characters, and videos of students in authentic situations (e.g., borrowing a pencil from a classmate).

Imagine Learning uses pre-test and performance data to customize the sequence and pace of instruction for individual students. The program includes Evaluative Checkpoints to provide an ongoing measure of student learning.  Checkpoints consider performance in previous activities to determine the type of support needed for an upcoming set of lessons.

Online activities include easy-to-understand instructions, guided and independent practice, immediate corrective feedback, and first-language support for English language learners in 15 languages. Imagine Learning also provides printable resources, such as stories and articles, vocabulary flashcards, graphic organizers, worksheets, and journal pages to supplement computer-based instruction.

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About Imagine Learning

Imagine Learning was founded in 2004 by a team of education and software professionals committed to helping students develop language and literacy skills. Today Imagine Learning’s programs are used in schools in the United States, Korea, Costa Rica, Brazil, and the UAE. Imagine Learning delivers award-winning language and literacy solutions to elementary students throughout the US and around the world. The team creates educational software that uses engaging, one-on-one instruction to meet students’ individual learning needs. The software is research-based, instructionally differentiated, and fun to use. Also available on iPad and Chromebook, Imagine Learning supports a dynamic blended learning experience. For more information, please visit

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