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New Product Review: Scientific Minds Science Sidekicks

Scientific Minds Science SidekicksLearning List has reviewed Scientific Minds’ Science Sidekicks, which is a supplemental product that supports science instruction in grades 3-5. Content is web-based and includes some printable components.  Instruction focuses on “chunking” standards into small, manageable amounts of content that are easy for students to understand. Lessons are presented using interactive slideshows that include opportunities for teacher-led whole group instruction, small group work, and independent study. [Read more…]

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New Review: Scientific Minds MC² in Agriculture


[Source: Scientific Minds]

[Source: Scientific Minds]

Scientific Minds MC2 in Agriculture is a supplemental video-based science resource for high school courses in agriscience and biology.  Learning List has reviewed this relative to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS). Content covers fundamental concepts in agriculture and supports instruction in the core content areas, particularly science and math. Lessons are presented in 30 short videos with accompanying worksheets and extension activities.

Content addresses topics in soil, plant, and animal science and issues in environmental science (e.g., pollution and conservation of resources). Lessons are presented in short, narrated videos (8 to 10 minutes) that include images, animations, and brief sets of notes. Videos present core agricultural content aligned to national Agriculture, Food, & Natural Resources (AFNR) standards and include an “Explore the Core” section that focuses on the core content areas and reviews SAT vocabulary.

Sample Demo Video for Agriculture [Source: Scientific Minds]

Sample Demo Video for Agriculture [Source: Scientific Minds]

Each video lesson includes an accompanying worksheet that may be downloaded in PDF format. See the sample video on the right. Worksheets review video content and include cross-curricular activities specific to each of the core subject areas. Worksheets also include hands-on extension activities.  Some of these activities are quite detailed (e.g., retrieving ovum from the reproductive tract of a cow). Each Lesson also includes a multiple-choice quiz. Students with accounts may take quizzes online or quizzes may be downloaded for paper-and-pencil delivery.

About Scientific Minds: Scientific Minds®, LLC is a publisher of technology-based science education products built from state standards. Their product development is based on research proving that students absorb information best in small yet thought-provoking chunks. Their versatile, supplemental products will support any science curriculum.

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