New Product: College Board’s SpringBoard English I-IV for Texas Proclamation 2020

Do your English teachers need new instructional materials for Proclamation 2020? Take a look at Learning List’s reviews of College Board’s SpringBoard English I-IV.

The College Board’s SpringBoard English I-IV is a comprehensive English language arts program for grades 9-12 (English I-IV). The materials are available in print and digital form. SpringBoard empowers students to take charge of their own learning and provides a learning experience that will support student success in AP courses.

The design of the material provides rigorous learning experiences with multiple assignments in each unit at the Apply level and above on Bloom’s Taxonomy. Materials focus on developing students’ skills in analyzing complex text, using close reading as an overarching strategy. Writing instruction is fully integrated with reading, listening, speaking, and thinking across each unit. Students consistently use strategies regularly seen in Pre-AP and AP courses, such as marking the text, OPTIC, SMELL, and TP-CASTT.