Welcome to the Learning List blog.

We founded Learning List in December 2012 to address three common frustrations vocalized by educators across the country:

(1) Campuses and districts own millions of dollars worth of instructional materials that aren’t being used because teachers routinely find that the materials are not well aligned to their state’s  standards;

(2) With the growing number of PreK-12 instructional materials on the market, educators simply do not have time to review each material thoroughly themselves to determine which will best meet their needs; and

(3) The interoperability requirements of online materials make the process of reviewing materials even more confusing and time-consuming.

Learning List is subscription-based, instructional materials review service for schools and districts. We provide three types of professional reviews that address each of those challenges. Our reviews and the tools on our site help educators choose and use instructional materials most effectively to fuel their students’ success.

Having reviewed thousands of the most widely used PreK-12 materials, including Advanced Placement materials, our team has observed a lot about this rapidly evolving marketplace.

Our blog shares highlights about the materials we have reviewed and insights about reviewing and using instructional materials to get the best results for students.

Contact us if you would like to learn more about how Learning List can help your school and/or district.