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New Product: McGraw-Hill’s Common Places: Integrated Reading and Writing

New Product: McGraw-Hill’s Common Places: Integrated Reading and Writing

Does your district need instructional materials to support high school students in developing critical reading and writing skills? Take a look at Learning List’s review of Common Places: Integrated Reading and Writing.

McGraw-Hill’s Common Places: Integrated Reading and Writing is intended to support students in the development of college-level reading and writing skills. The material is available as part of McGraw-Hill’s higher education offerings. It is available in print or digital forms.  The goal of the material is to help students read from the writer’s perspective and write for specific purposes and audiences.

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New Product: McGraw-Hill’s StudySync English I-IV for Texas Proclamation 2020

New Product: McGraw-Hill’s StudySync English I-IV for Texas Proclamation 2020

Does your district want to adopt a high school ELA product that allows students to choose the texts they read? Take a look at Learning List’s reviews of McGraw-Hill’s StudySync.

McGraw-Hill’s StudySync is a comprehensive literacy program that supports English language arts instruction for grades 6 -12. Content is available in print and digital formats. Learning List recently reviewed the material for English I-IV. The program focuses on developing students’ reading, writing, listening, and speaking abilities while making connections outside the classroom.

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New Product: Glencoe’s iScience for NGSS

New Product: Glencoe’s iScience for NGSS

Glencoe’s iScience is a set of comprehensive materials for middle school science. Materials are available in print and online. Each discipline of science (life, earth and space, physical) is a separate set of materials designed to encourage students to learn scientific concepts and apply those concepts to the real world.

iScience supports the intent of the Next Generation Science Standards with numerous opportunities for students to be scientists and do science. Materials encourage students to make connections between scientific concepts and real-world scientific phenomena. Units include a variety of labs that increase in complexity throughout the unit.  Consistent application of the 5E model as well as labs, questions, and lesson activities provide numerous opportunities for student to develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

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New Product Review: McGraw Hill’s Reveal Math

Is your district looking for a new comprehensive math program to support blended learning? Take a look at Learning List’s reviews of McGraw Hill’s Reveal Math for middle school mathematics, Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra 2

McGraw Hill’s Reveal Math is a set of comprehensive materials for middle school mathematics, Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra 2 available in print and online. The material is designed with a focus on rigor, productive struggle and facilitating discussions about math. Lessons focus on exploration, conversation and reflection.

Reveal Math distinct tools and design support learning in blended environments. Interactive presentations, point of use videos, animations, and a varied set of online math modeling tools partner with the interactive student edition to provide a unique classroom environment and personalize learning. Videos support teachers’ development of content knowledge and pedagogy, and digital teacher tools facilitate lesson and grade management, monitoring student progress, and assessment. [Read more...]

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Spanish Language Arts and Reading (SLAR) Product Reviews

students writing

Learning List has reviewed each of the five Spanish language arts and reading (SLAR) materials submitted to the Texas Education Agency in response to the Proclamation 2019. Below are brief discussions of each of the SLAR products. Learning List has reviewed each of the corresponding English language arts and reading (ELAR) products referenced in descriptions.

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New Review: McGraw Hill’s Number Worlds

McGraw-Hill's Number WorldsLearning List has reviewed McGraw Hill’s Number Worlds. This supplemental mathematics intervention program supports targeted remediation and intervention for students in grades PK-8 (i.e., Levels A-J). Content is available in print and digital formats. Instruction focuses on building the foundational concepts and skills needed to close achievement gaps and enable struggling students to perform at grade level. Levels A-C constitute a “prevention” program for students in grades PK-1 who begin school lacking knowledge of fundamental concepts and skills, such as numbers, quantity, and counting. Levels D-J are an “intervention” program for students in grades 2-8. Instruction addresses the key CCSSs at each grade level (i.e., Level D = grade 2; Level J = grade 8) and supports RtI Tier 2 and 3 pullout programs.

Across grades PK-8, Number Worlds is organized in ten levels (i.e., A-J) that correspond to each year’s instruction. Each year begins with a set of placement tests that identifies each student’s level of mathematics proficiency. Placement tests are available in English and Spanish, and may be administered in oral, written, and/or online formats. Based on placement test results, students are grouped according to their instructional needs.

At each level, instruction is presented in 32 sequential weeks of lessons that emphasize the real world applications of mathematics. Daily lesson plans are flexible and have been adapted to meet the needs of different instructional time periods (i.e., 30-minutes, 45-minutes, 60-minutes). Lessons incorporate a four-part structure that establishes a familiar routine for learning: (1) warm-up, (2) engage, (3) reflect, and (4) assess. Engage activities are at the center of instruction for Days 1-4 of each week and Day 5 focuses on assessment. In classrooms with more time for instruction (i.e., 45- or 60-minute periods), Day 5 also includes project-based learning activities and opportunities for deeper reflection and discussion. All student materials are available in English and  Spanish.

About McGraw Hill Education*

At McGraw-Hill Education, we believe that our contribution to unlocking a brighter future lies within the application of our deep understanding of how learning happens and how the mind develops. It exists where the science of learning meets the art of teaching. Our mission is to accelerate learning through intuitive, engaging, efficient and effective experiences – grounded in research.

Educators have been and always will be at the core of the learning experience. The solutions we develop help educators impart their knowledge to students more efficiently. We believe that harnessing technology can enhance learning inside and outside of the classroom and deepen the connections between students and teachers to empower greater success.

By partnering with educators around the globe, our learning engineers, content developers and pedagogical experts are developing increasingly open learning ecosystems that are proven to improve pass rates, elevate grades and increase engagement for each individual learner while improving outcomes for all.

Information in this section is provided by or adapted from McGraw Hill Education.


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