Is your district considering materials to support instruction in sexual health and wellness? Take a look at Learning List’s reviews of Healthy Futures of Texas’ Big Decisions Making Informed Choices About Sex

Healthy Futures of Texas’ Big Decisions Making Informed Choices About Sex is a supplemental health program designed to support instruction about sexual health and wellness. Learning List recently reviewed the digital format of this material as submitted for state adoption in Texas under Proclamation 2022.

The goal of the material is to “empower young people to make healthy and informed decisions about sex and relationships.” The product is available in English, in both print and digital formats, and is intended for grades 8 and 9 with an adaption for grade 7.

The materials consist of ten lessons focused on sexual health and wellness; it does not include content about other health topics. Teachers are supported with detailed, scripted lessons and substantial background information.

Lessons focus on strategies to help students make decisions that affect their health and their futures. Students are consistently encouraged to talk to a parents or trusted adults.

Read Learning List’s Editorial Review to learn more about the material’s supports for special populations. Learning List has also completed a review of the product’s technology compatibility. To access these reviews and TEA’s alignment reports for this material, contact Learning List for subscription information.

About Healthy Futures of Texas*

“Since 2006, Healthy Futures of Texas has worked to reduce unplanned and teen pregnancies through science-based education and advocacy efforts that empower young people, women, and families to make the best decisions for their futures.”

Healthy Futures of Texas is a non-profit organization based in San Antonio and focused on advocacy, education, curriculum design, and partnerships.

 *Information in this section is provided by or adapted from Healthy Futures of Texas.