Empowering Writers’ Editing, Revising, and More is a supplemental writing product that supports writing instruction in grades K-8.  Content is available in print format with some teaching materials available on CD-ROM. Instruction focuses on developing students’ effective use of language, including grammar, punctuation, and mechanics. Learning List recently reviewed resources for grade 4. [Read more…]

Editing, Revising, and More organizes instruction in four 9-week modules. Instruction begins with foundational skills (e.g., capitalization, subject-verb agreement) and progresses to more complex concepts (e.g., transitions, run-ons and sentence fragments). Modules contain between 14 and 29 lessons and between two and four assessments. Although pacing will vary based on students’ prior knowledge and skills, Empowering Writers suggests that teachers incorporate between two and four lessons each week.

Instruction is structured using predictable routines. Each lesson begins with a “Think and Discuss” activity that introduces learning objectives and the skills students will practice.  Teachers provide explicit instruction in key concepts (e.g., simple sentences) and model new skills. Activities include opportunities for whole group, small group, student pairs, and individual student work.

*About Empowering Writers

Most teachers can easily distinguish weak from effective writing, but often have few specific strategies to move students from point A to point B. Teachers, like any other skilled professional, need training and resources.  Whether you’re looking for a comprehensive writing program or a supplemental resource, Empowering Writers offers customizable options for your Professional Development needs.

For the past 20 years, Empowering Writers has transformed instruction for over 100,000 educators by providing the training and resources to make them confident, skillful teachers of writing. Empowering Writers’ approach to writing instruction provides a proven methodology that improves student writing.

*Information in this section is provided by or adapted from Empowering Writers.

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