HMH's California GO Math!Houghton Mifflin Harcourt’s California GO Math!is a comprehensive, mathematics product for students in grades K-8. Content is available in print and digital formats.  Learning List recently reviewed resources for grades K-5. California GO Math! focuses on building students’ understanding of math in conjunction with their developing reading and writing skills. At each grade level, the program provides extensive resources for Response to Intervention (RtI) students and English language learners (ELLs). [Read more…]

Each California GO Math! lesson references the relevant CCSS and begins with an “Essential Question” that frames learning objectives (e.g., “How can you show and count 10 objects?”). Content is presented using the 5E instructional model (i.e., engage, explore, explain, elaborate, and evaluate) and includes step-by-step guidance in how to solve problems, as well as ample opportunities for students to practice problem-solving strategies independently or in small groups.

Student eBooks incorporate interactive tools focused on developing students’ proficiency and fluency in mathematics, including the “Personal Math Trainer” (PMT).  PMT instruction includes step-by-step examples, audio readers, corrective feedback, video tutorials, and activities to prepare students for standardized tests.

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