New Product Review: InterEthnic Alphabet Harbor/Harbor Friends Series

InterEthnic’s Alphabet Harbor/Harbor Friends Series is a comprehensive handwriting product for grades K-5. Content is available in print format. Grades K and 1 address printing. Grades 2-5 develop cursive writing skills. Instruction emphasizes the connection between written letters and their sounds. Letters are personified as “Harbor Friends” or “Harbor Pals” using clipart images of children and animals (e.g., Zany Z).

At each grade level, the Harbor Friends handwriting series presents content in a consumable “Student Workbook.” At grades K and 1, instruction is organized in terms of the alphabet. At grades 2-5, lessons are organized in terms of letters with the same shape in their initial strokes. For example, lower-case letters that begin with a “short swoop up” (r, s, j, and p) are taught in the same section. Across grades each letter is represented by a “Harbor Friend” or “Harbor Pal” (i.e., a clipart image of a boy, girl, or animal) and a poem that describes the letter’s formation. Where appropriate, letter sounds and letter identification are integrated with handwriting instruction. [Read more…]

About InterEthnic*

InterEthnic’s mission is to ensure all children are prepared to read before they enter school.  Alphabet Harbor!™ and its complementary products enable every child to acquire 40 sounds of English as naturally and easily as learning to speak. More importantly, the Harbor Friends™ become a child’s new best friends, priming their heart for loving reading.

*Information in this section is provided by or adapted from InterEthnic.