New Product: Savvas Learning Company’s Three Cheers for Pre-K

Are your Prekindergarten teachers ready to adopt new materials during Texas Proclamation 2021? Take a look at Learning List’s reviews of Savvas Learning Company’s Three Cheers for Pre-K.

Savvas Learning Company’s Three Cheers for Pre-K is a comprehensive program for Prekindergarten. The program provides skills-based learning experiences designed around purposeful play and children’s literature. Three Cheers for Pre-K is designed to support instruction in the ten domains of the Texas Prekindergarten Guidelines, balancing social and emotional, physical, and academic development. 

The play-based nature of the material consistently provides developmentally appropriate learning experiences, while its thematic design and essential questions encourage critical thinking and conceptual understanding. The assessments include options for progress monitoring, as well as observational checklists to support data-informed instructional decision making.

The material is available in English and Spanish with mirrored design in Three Cheers for PreK  and Uno, dos, tres ¡Prekínder!. This ensures equivalent instruction in both English and Spanish.

Read Learning List’s full editorial review to learn more about the student and teacher resources the materials provides.

In addition to the editorial review, Learning List has completed a  review of the material’s technology compatibility.  To learn more about this product and thousands more PreK-12 instructional materials, contact Learning List for subscription information.

About Savvas Learning Company*

Savvas Learning Company (formerly Pearson K12 Learning), is a next-generation learning company. Their goal is to combine new ideas, new ways of thinking, and new ways of interacting to create innovative learning solutions.

Savvas is “driven by a shared purpose to prepare students to thrive in our rapidly changing world. We do that by combining the power of advanced technology and dynamic curriculum to create next-generation learning solutions — delivered in the physical classroom or in remote settings — that offer engaging, personalized, and real-world learning experiences”  

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