New Product: Stenhouse’s Patterns of Power

Is your district looking for a material that provides integrated grammar and conventions instruction? Take a look at Learning List’s review of Patterns of Power.

Stenhouse’s Patterns of Power Inviting Young Writer into the Conventions of Language and Patterns of Power Plus are supplemental ELA programs for grades 1-5. The material is print-based. Patterns of Power Inviting Young Writer into the Conventions of Language is the teacher resource book for grades 1-5. Patterns of Power Plus consists of grade-specific kits that include a teacher’s guide with lessons, a Lesson Display Flip chart, Student Notebooks, Focus Phrase Cards, and access to the Companion Website.

Patterns of Power is the primary resource; therefore, Patterns of Power Plus is intended to supplement Patterns of Power, not to be used as a stand-alone material. The Patterns of Power materials focus on providing an inquiry-based approach to grammar and conventions instruction. Lessons focus on finding patterns in grammar and conventions and on understanding how grammar and conventions impact author’s craft and purpose.

The materials are intended for teachers. Student material is limited to a Student Notebook, designed like a journal. Additional student materials, assessments, and adaptions for special populations are not included.  Read Learning List’s full alignment report to learn how well this material aligns to the English Language Arts TEKS.

Learning List has conducted a standard-by-standard review of the alignment of the material to the English Language Arts TEKS, and a qualitative review of the instructional content. To learn more about this product and thousands more PreK-12 instructional materials, contact Learning List for subscription information.

About Stenhouse*

Stenhouse provides quality professional learning resources by teachers, for teachers. Their goal is to offer PreK–12 educators a set of proven strategies from which they can choose and adapt to their students’ needs and their school culture. All of Stenhouse’s resources, ranging from literacy and math instruction to classroom practice, are grounded in a philosophy of education that respects both teacher and learner. They are designed to integrate theory, research, and practice in an accessible manner, enhancing educators’ professional knowledge and building their students’ skills as readers, writers, and thinkers. Stenhouse is a subsidiary of Highlights for Children. 

*Information in this section is provided by or adapted from Stenhouse.