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Learning List has reviewed Apex Learning’s comprehensive resources to support instruction in Texas U.S. History courses. Content focuses on building students’ reading, writing, and historical thinking skills and supports instruction in self-paced, remediation, and credit recovery programs.

Texas U.S. History presents content chronologically. Instruction is divided in two semesters made up of five units. The first semester covers the historical periods from Civil War Reconstruction (i.e., 1877) to the “World War 1 and Its Aftermath” and begins with a unit that introduces students to concepts in history (e.g., evaluating sources) and historical thinking skills used throughout instruction. The second semester covers the Great Depression through contemporary events.  The final unit for each semester is a review and preparation for the semester exam.

Writing activities are integrated throughout instruction and content includes Interactive timelines, maps, and activities. New vocabulary is highlighted and linked to the glossary. When students scroll over new or unfamiliar historical terms (e.g., nativism, Scopes trial), a pop up window with a description or explanation of the term appears. Online pages have worksheets with questions that help students take notes and prepare for quizzes and exams.

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Schools across the country are successfully using Apex Learning digital curriculum to meet the needs of students, from building foundational skills to creating opportunities for advanced coursework.

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