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Learning List and Publishers Collaborate to Benefit Educators and Students

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As the industry-leading instructional materials review service for schools and districts, Learning List has designed a robust review process specifically intended to inform educator choice. As one curriculum director observed:

“Learning List was built from the ground up to respond specifically to educators’ needs. And it does.”

Learning List is a standards-neutral, independent review service accountable only to subscribing schools and districts. However, the service creates value for publishers, as well.

Learning List’s reviews are descriptive, not critical. The reviews do not rate products or determine which materials are best or most appropriate. Learning List believes that educators are the most qualified to determine which materials would be best for their students. The reviews help each school or district select the standards-aligned instructional materials that will lead to the greatest success of their particular students.

Though our reviews are independent, Learning List partners with publishers to provide rigorous, clear, and complete assessments of instructional materials. Publishers preview the editorial reviews before they are published to ensure their factual accuracy. Publishers are also afforded an opportunity to respond to Learning List’s alignment decisions before alignment reports are posted. By working together, Learning List and publishers ensure that the reviews are more valuable to educators and the instructional materials are more valuable to students.

Today, anyone with a rudimentary knowledge of information technology and no actual content knowledge can publish materials and claim alignment to standards. Conversely, in today’s world of high-stakes testing, districts have a greater need than ever before for instructional materials that are truly aligned to the content, context, and cognitive demand of their state’s chosen curriculum standards. Through collaboration, Learning List and publishers can help educators navigate the increasingly chaotic instructional materials market by providing districts with the timely and accurate information they need to find the instructional materials that are best for their students. For more information about the benefits of Learning List, you can schedule a webinar via this link.

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Content in Context: What’s New for the Instructional Materials Review/Adoption Process?

Content in ContextDuring June 2-4, several hundred representatives from publishing companies, EdTech companies and other educational service providers will be gathering for the Content in Context (CIC) Conference in the Capital Hilton in Washington. D.C. ; as the learning resource industry changes at an exponential pace, CIC is the premier event for presenting preK-12 strategies and advice to develop quality education content regardless of medium. The American Association of Publishers PreK-12 Learning Group, a division within AAP, organizes the event.

One of the most significant sessions will be featured at 11AM EDT on June 3rd: New Directions/Challenges in Review and Adoption of Instructional Materials (IM). This session will feature Jackie Lain, President of Learning List and Alan Griffin, Technology Support Specialist for Curriculum Content for the Utah State Office of Education.

Here’s a brief preview of the topic: As new IM adoption policies and digital learning programs launch in many states, new IM review processes are being implemented to ensure that IM align with state standards. Prior to any significant process changes, reviewers must ask questions about standards alignment, personalized learning objectives and coordinating assessments. Additionally, many states are decentralizing the IM purchase process  so that even if an IM is adopted by a state, it doesn’t guarantee state-wide contracts. Jackie will share what changed in the Texas state IM adoption processes and how that may impact trends across the country as other states seek to align with their own state standards. What changes are you seeing in the IM review and adoption processes in your state?

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