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New Product Review: Edmentum’s Texas Algebra II

New Product Review: Edmentum’s Texas Algebra II

Is your district looking for materials to support students working virtually? Take a look at Learning List’s reviews of Edmentum’s Texas Algebra II.

Edmentum’s Texas Algebra II is a fully digital, comprehensive program. The material provides a variety of activities to support students’ development of skills required for Algebra II. The goal of the program is to provide rigorous, relevant curriculum through interactive, media-rich content. 

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New Review: Edmentum’s Courseware

[Source: Edmentum]

[Source: Edmentum]

Edmentum’s Courseware for Texas Algebra I, Texas Geometry, Texas Algebra II, and Texas Math Models with Applications is an online program that supports instruction in self-paced, remediation, initial credit, and credit recovery programs. Instruction is provided online and includes some downloadable materials. Courseware also provides comprehensive instruction in each of the core subjects, as well as in other content areas (e.g., world languages, College Board approved AP courses).

Courses are made up of units that are broken into a set of short lessons. Most lessons are structured as a tutorial followed by application activities and a mastery test. The tutorial provides direct instruction and guided practice in an interactive slide show format. Application activities include a brief review of tutorial content followed by sets of practice problems with corrective feedback. Mastery tests are short, ten-question tests over lesson content. Students must pass the test with a score of 80% or better. If a student scores below 80%, they may repeat the tutorial and retake the mastery test.

Each unit ends with a Discussion, a printable “Unit Activity,” and a post-test. Discussion questions are open-ended (e.g., “Do you know any real-life applications of variables?). Students respond to the question and view their classmate’s responses using the course’s chat features. Unit Activities require students to synthesize their learning to solve multi-step, real-world problems (e.g., calculating the amount of time it will take a skydiver to reach the ground). Post-tests are made up of a variety of question types, including multiple choice, multiple response (i.e., select all that apply), sequencing, matched pairs, fill-in-the-blank, number line, and “hot spot” items, where students select the correct image on a visual element.

About Edmentum*

Edmentum’s Courseware is a standards-based online learning program grounded in a tradition of solid research, sound pedagogy, and applied innovation. Edmentum develops rigorous, relevant curriculum that challenges your students with a 21st century approach – engaging them with interactive, media-rich content.

Whether your students are falling behind, at grade level, or advanced, accommodate their unique needs in an environment in which they will thrive. Courseware can be used in a lab setting, a blended model in which online courses supplement the traditional classroom, or through a completely virtual experience.

Information in this section is provided by or adapted from Edmentum.

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New Review: Edgenuity’s Algebra II

[Source: Edgenuity]

[Source: Edgenuity]

Learning List has reviewed Edgenuity’s online mathematics program for Algebra II. The comprehensive course supports instruction in blended learning and self-paced environments. Video-based lessons focus on developing students’ understanding of advanced algebraic concepts and the application of learning to real-world problems.

Prescriptive, diagnostic pre-tests identify the concepts students have already mastered and route them to relevant, personalized content. Instruction is presented in video-based lectures with accompanying whiteboard notes and demonstrations. Each lesson begins with an interactive warm-up that frames the lesson topic, establishes learning goals, connects to prior learning, and introduces new vocabulary and concepts. Core instruction is presented in video lectures by engaging teachers, with accompanying white board demonstrations of concepts and skills.

The course includes read-aloud tools in seven languages and translation tools in 17 languages, including Spanish. Students have access to audio readers, a searchable glossary, a set of calculators (e.g., graphing, matrix, statistical), and online highlighting and note taking tools.

About Edgenuity*

Edgenuity provides engaging online and blended learning education solutions that propel success for every student, empower every teacher to deliver more effective instruction, and enable schools and districts to meet their academic goals. Edgenuity delivers a range of Core Curriculum, AP®, Elective, Career and Technical Education (CTE), and Credit Recovery courses aligned to the rigor and high expectations of state, Common Core and iNACOL standards and is designed to inspire life-long learning.

* The content in this section is provided by or adapted from Edgenuity.

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New Review: Apex Learning’s Online Texas Algebra I and Texas Algebra II Courses


[Source: Apex Learning]

Learning List has reviewed Apex Learning’s online Texas Algebra I and Texas Algebra II courses. Both courses develop students’ conceptual understanding, computational skills, and proficiency in solving problems. Resources support instruction in self-paced, remediation, and credit recovery programs.

Texas Algebra I s organized in two semesters. The first semester addresses linear equations, systems of linear equations, functions, exponents, and exponential functions. The second semester addresses polynomials, including factoring; quadratic equations and functions; the transformation of functions; and bivariate data.  Across semesters, students learn to reason mathematically and to use mathematical models and tools to solve real-world problems. Texas Algebra II’s first semester addresses systems of linear equations; functions, relations, and their graphs; transforming functions; and polynomial functions. The second semester addresses rational expressions and functions; exponents, logarithms, and their graphs; and bivariate data.

Across both courses, students learn to reason mathematically and to use mathematical models and tools to solve real-world problems. In each course, units begins with a short video introduction that frames the real-world applications of what students will learn. Instruction is provided through a set of activities titled “Study,” “Check Up,” “Practice,” “Journal” and “Quiz.” Content includes embedded audio and video files that that engage students and support the instruction in the Mathematical Process Standards.  Journal activities allow students to express their reasoning and critique the reasoning of others, and resources to support struggling readers are provided (e.g., strategies to improve reading comprehension).

About Apex Learning*

Founded in 1997, Apex Learning is the leading provider of blended and virtual learning solutions to the nation’s schools. The company’s standards-based digital curriculum — in math, science, English, social studies, world languages, and Advanced Placement® — is widely used for original credit, credit recovery, remediation, intervention, acceleration, and exam preparation.

Schools across the country are successfully using Apex Learning digital curriculum to meet the needs of students, from building foundational skills to creating opportunities for advanced coursework.

*The content provided here was provided by or adapted from Apex Learning.

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