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New Review: Compass Learning’s Pathblazer

[Source: Compass Learning]

[Source: Compass Learning]

Compass Learning’s Pathblazer is a supplemental online program that supports intervention and remediation in English language arts/reading (ELAR) and mathematics across grades K-8. Adaptive screening and diagnostic tools identify individual student’s learning gaps and prescribe a customized plan that addresses gaps and moves students toward on-grade level instruction. Learning List has reviewed Pathblazer’s ELAR resources for middle school students (i.e., grades 6-8).

Pathblazer uses an “Initial Screener” and a “Proficiency-Level Diagnostic” to identify each student’s learning needs. Based on combined assessment results, students are prescribed an individualized, standards-based instructional path that addresses gaps, accelerates learning, and moves students toward on-grade level instruction. Learning paths are made up of thematic, text-based lessons designed to build students’ vocabulary, fluency, reading comprehension, and writing skills.

Lessons are engaging and balance entertaining instruction with high-quality content. Direct instruction is provided through animated, interactive videos that clarify learning objectives, vocabulary, and literary terms and devices. Instruction focuses on building foundational skills and reading fluency and includes frequent quizzes that check for understanding.

About Compass Learning*

Compass Learning purpose-builds K–12 learning acceleration software for blended learning, intervention, high school, and inquiry-based personalized learning. Compass® software helps pinpoint and close skill and concept gaps and move students forward academically with:

  • Explicit instruction
  • Supported practice
  • Independent practice
  • Ongoing formative assessment

Compass Learning’s award-winning content is rigorous, yet fun, so students remain engaged and motivated to learn.

* The content in this section is provided by or adapted from Compass Learning

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New Reviews: Compass Learning Science Courses

[Source: Compass Learning]

[Source: Compass Learning]

Compass Learning provides supplemental, online middle school science courses that support instruction in remediation, self-paced, and supplemental programs. The Nature of Science addresses life science and the scientific method and process skills. Physical Science covers topics in chemistry and physics, including physical and chemical changes, atoms and elements, mixtures and solutions, the periodic table, states of matter, motion, gravity, the properties of waves, and light. Earth and Space Science addresses Earth’s history, atmosphere, and structure; weather and climate; the solar system, stars, and galaxies; and how the motions of the Sun, Moon, and Earth affect seasons and tides.

In each course, content is presented in lessons that provide direct instruction through video lectures, slide shows, and interactive explorations. Direct instruction videos are presented by entertaining teachers with accompanying animations of key concepts. Instruction includes multiple visual examples and opportunities for guided and independent practice. Practice problems provide “critical mistakes” feedback that demonstrates why an answer is or is not correct and individualizes remediation and re-teaching. Each activity concludes with a page of summary notes, questions that check for understanding, and a brief multiple-choice quiz. Instruction includes opportunities for students to write about science and to discuss science topics with other students using an online discussion board. Students may repeat activities if they need additional instruction.

[Source: PBS Nova]

[Source: PBS Nova]

Some lessons include “Authentic Tasks” that link to external resources such as PBS’s NOVA website and the University of Colorado Boulder’s PhET™ interactive simulations and games. PhET™ resources include statements of learning goals, guidance for teachers, and links to related resources. Teachers may use the Authentic Task tool to add their own links and course content.

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New Reviews: Compass Learning Supplemental Hybridge™ Math

Hybridge (TM)Video [Source: Compass Learning]

Hybridge™ Video [Source: Compass Learning]

Compass Learning’s supplemental Hybridge™ Math program provides interactive, online mathematics instruction for grades K-8. Resources support instruction in blended learning environments and integrate easily with offline content. At the elementary level (K-5), instruction supports the development of algebraic reasoning, data analysis, and financial literacy skills. Content includes multimedia resources that illustrate and explain mathematics concepts in visually appealing segments appropriate to students’ age and attention span.

Hybridge™ Math is a flexible program that may be used to supplement core math instruction in several ways. Teachers may select pre-made lessons that address a particular standard or topic covered in core math instruction. Teachers may also create customized lessons for individual students or groups of students. Customized learning paths are created using diagnostic pre-tests that adapt instruction based on individual student’s needs. Teachers may create their own diagnostic tests using program software or they may use a premade assessment provided by one of Compass Learning’s assessment partners (i.e., Northwest Evaluation Association, Scantron, and Renaissance Learning).

[Source: Compass Learning]

[Source: Compass Learning]

Most lessons take between 15 and 20 minutes to complete and include direct instruction, guided and independent practice, and a short assessment. Lessons increase in complexity across grade levels and include topics in geometry, mathematical operations, measurement and data, algebraic thinking, and financial literacy. At grade K, lessons help students learn to count and understand quantities. Lessons for grades 3-5 include operations with fractions. Instruction is presented in video lessons and narrated slide shows that include interactive games, puzzles, and activities. Familiar, age-appropriate characters engage students with humor, vivid graphics, and a conversational tone. Some lessons include printable worksheets to accompany instruction and most lessons include a short quiz.

EDDIE Award [Source: Computed Gazette]

EDDIE Award [Source: Computed Gazette]

NOTE: Compass Learning, a leader in learning acceleration, has recently earned an Education Software Review (EDDIE) Awards for its newly-released learning acceleration software™ that was selected from submissions worldwide: Hybridge™ won the best Reading/Math solution for Middle School.


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Compass Learning Launches New Suite of Accelerated Learning Products at ISTE

image001This past weekend at ISTE*, Compass Learning unveiled its new suite of accelerated learning software to help teachers tackle some of today’s biggest education challenges. The new offerings focus on blended learning, intervention and credit recovery with software that includes:

  • Pathblazer a reading and math intervention program for elementary and middle school students,
  • Hybridge a blended learning solution for elementary and middle school, and
  • Gradbound, a credit recovery program for high school.

Compass Learning is also launching new professional development courses, including its Leveraging Data course, which will support educators in implementing data-driven instruction. While these products are new, Compass Learning has been building on more than 40 years of innovation by providing rigorous products to support accelerated learning experiences that enable K-12 students to succeed.

Last year, Learning List reviewed Compass Learning’s comprehensive Odyssey program.  Odyssey provides interactive, accelerated, online instruction in mathematics and English language arts/reading for K-12 students. Across grade levels, Odyssey’s flexible resources support a range of instructional needs, including self-paced learning, remediation, tutorials, and credit-recovery programs.  Lessons are highly customizable and use video, audio, text-based, and interactive learning experiences to accommodate differences in student learning styles. At each grade level, Odyssey’s multimedia content illustrates and explains concepts in humorous, visually appealing segments appropriate to students’ age and attention spans.

Each Odyssey course is structured to facilitate easy access to lessons and associated content. Lessons are indexed by sequence, skill, and learning standard, and lessons titles include accurate and thorough descriptions of content and activities. Teachers may customize instruction by adding offline or other web-based resources to existing course materials. Odyssey’s Test Builder tool allows teachers to develop customized assessments using test bank items indexed by learning objective. Teachers may set mastery levels, timed testing windows, and other testing criteria.

Like the new suite of products, Odyssey’s reporting tools support data-driven instruction by providing teachers with detailed reports in more than 20 formats. Report data may be aggregated by class, grade, school, and multiple schools and disaggregated for particular student groups, such as English language learners. You can look forward to reviewing the resources on Learning List  after the resources become available for the new school year.

*International Society for Technology in Education

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The Great Debate: The Role of Technology in Education

Don’t miss the New York Times’ set of debates and discussions, Schools for Tomorrow, about the potential of technology to transform education.  Khan Academy founder, Sal Khan, provides the keynote address, and U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan discusses the role of online learning in public education, including the President’s ConnectED initiative. Panel discussions with education experts and policymakers address the role of technology in leveling the playing field in education, engaging students, and changing what we understand about teaching and learning.

To help educators and parents evaluate the rapidly expanding number of online and print-based educational resources, has just launched with independent reviews and alignment reports of online courses, online instructional resources, and textbooks from a range of providers, including Britannica Digital Learning, Compass Learning, Davis Publications (Discussions4Learning), Edgenuity, Gourmet Learning, Read Naturally Live,  and Rock ‘N Learn. Reviews for ORIGO Stepping Stones, Bridges in Mathematics, and STEMscopes science curriculum are coming soon.  Learning List will continue to release reviews on an ongoing basis.

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