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New Product Review: Savvas Texas myView Literacy

New Product Review: Savvas Texas myView Literacy

Learning List recently reviewed Savvas’s Texas myView Literacy, which was submitted for state adoption in Texas in response to the Texas Education Agency’s Proclamation 2019 call for K-8 English language arts and reading (ELAR) products aligned to the new ELAR Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS). Texas myView Literacy is a comprehensive English language arts and reading product for grades K-5. Content is available in print and digital formats. This review is of online materials only. Instruction is organized using sets of mini-lessons that facilitate flexible instructional planning and a variety of instructional models.

Across grades, myView Literacy is organized in five 6-week units. Each unit addresses a cross-curricular theme focused on an essential question, such as a grade 4 unit titled “Diversity” that integrates social studies topics and asks: “How can we reach new understandings through exploring diversity?” Each unit features a “Spotlight” genre that is the focus of instruction (e.g., informational texts) and includes works from additional genres. Across units, instruction provides a balance of authentic literary and informational texts. Students learn to read different types of content, such as maps, infographics, and timelines. [Read more…]

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New Product Review: Savvas’s myPerspectives Texas

New Product Review: Savvas’s myPerspectives Texas

Learning List recently reviewed Savvas’s myPerspectives Texas, which was submitted for state adoption in Texas in response to the Texas Education Agency’s Proclamation 2019 call for K-8 English language arts and reading (ELAR) products aligned to the new ELAR Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS). myPerspectives Texas is a comprehensive product that supports English language arts instruction in grades 6-12. Learning List reviewed resources for grades 6-8. Content is available in print and online formats and facilitates instruction in blended learning environments.

myPerspectives Texas is a student-centered program that develops close reading skills and students’ ability to communicate effectively in written and spoken formats. At each grade level, content is organized in five 6-week thematic units (e.g., “Facing Adversity”). As its title suggests, myPerspectives explores authors’ points-of-view and helps students develop their own perspectives. Units present a balance of literary and informational texts and a variety of genres from a range of time periods. Readings have diverse authorship and represent protagonists and themes that reflect a variety of experiences, support inclusion, and facilitate understanding. Instruction provides opportunities for students to respond to non-print texts, such as videos, radio plays, and television interviews. [Read more…]

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New Product Review: EMC Mirrors & Windows: Connecting with Literature

New Product Review: EMC Mirrors & Windows: Connecting with Literature

EMC’s Mirrors & Windows: Connecting with Literature is a comprehensive resource to support English language arts instruction in grades 6-12. The program includes print and web-based resources. In the middle school grades (grades 6-8), instruction uses the theme of “mirrors and windows” to help students use literature to reflect on their own lives and to connect with people from different cultures and times.

Across middle school grades, Mirrors & Windows units are organized in terms of a theme linked to a literary genre. For example, a grade 6 unit that introduces poetry is centered on the theme of “Expressing Yourself.” Each unit is made up of a set of reading selections related to the theme. [Read more…]

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New Review: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt’s English 3D

LeaHoughton Mifflin Harcourt’s English 3Drning List has reviewed Houghton Mifflin Harcourt’s English 3D, which is a supplemental resource to support the acquisition of language skills for English language learners and other students with language deficiencies in grades 4-12. Resources are available in print format. Additional online materials for grades 4-8 are available at HMH Teacher Central, and some resources for grades 9-12 are on CD-ROM. Instruction focuses on improving students’ linguistic and academic skill sets during dedicated time for language development.

Instruction is systematic and explicit and focuses on learning and practicing the English language skills, including contextually appropriate language, fluency skills, and purposeful speaking and writing.  Across grade levels, student materials include “Issues Books” and “Language & Writing Portfolios.” Issue Books contain cross-curricular informational and literary texts addressing particular issues of interest to students.  Portfolios are “interactive worktexts” that support vocabulary acquisition, collaborative learning experiences, and the development of written and spoken language skills.

Issues Books address real-world issues relevant to students’ lives, such making health choices, street art, and bullying. The texts build in complexity across the school year. In terms of Lexile (L) levels, texts for grades 4 and 5 range from 770L to 980L, texts for grades 6-8 range from 830L to 1270L, and texts for grades 9-12 range from 890L to 1410L. For each Issue, the Language & Writing Portfolios contain worksheets, graphic organizers, sentence frames (e.g., “Based on my experience, video games mostly [harm/benefit] teens because they are ____ [adjective: enjoyable, distracting] and_____ [adjective: relaxing, violent]”), self-assessment rubrics, and other resources to support student learning. Each Issue concludes with a summative test and English 3D includes beginning-of-the-year, mid-year, and end-of-year assessments of academic language.

About Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (HMH)*

As a global learning company, HMH specializes in pre-K–12 education content, services and cutting edge technology solutions for today’s changing landscape.

HMH creates engaging, dynamic and effective educational content and experiences from early childhood to K-12 and beyond the classroom, serving more than 50 million students in more than 150 countries. Available through multiple media, our content meets the needs of students, teachers, parents and lifelong learners, no matter where and how they learn.

Information in this section is provided by or adapted from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.


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New Review: Curriculum Associates’ Ready Florida English Language Arts

ready florida language arts

[Source: Curriculum Associates]

Learning List has reviewed print materials for ­­Curriculum Associates’ Ready Florida English Language Arts program. Ready Florida is a supplemental resource for grades K-8 that supports reading instruction and mastery of the Language Arts Florida Standards (LAFS). Materials are available in print format with additional online components. Instruction addresses grade-level LAFS while developing students’ critical thinking skills and understanding of literary and informational texts.

Ready Florida English Language Arts Student Instruction Books present content in units that address LAFS Anchor Standards (e.g., Craft and Structure in Literature). Units are made up of week-long lessons that focus on a particular theme (e.g., adventure) and genre (e.g., realistic fiction). Instruction is structured using the Gradual Release of Responsibility (i.e., GRR) instructional model. The first day of each lesson is an Introduction that provides a student-friendly explanation of what students will learn (i.e., the standard), reading strategies, and the steps to follow to implement strategies. Subsequent days provide Modeled and Guided Instruction, Guided Practice, and Independent Practice. Each day includes a writing activity.

At each grade level, “Teacher Resource Books” contain materials to assist teachers in the transition to the LAFS and to use Ready Florida materials. Resource Books provide a crosswalk document that explains how the Ready Florida program addresses the demands of the LAFS, and a table detailing the research supporting Ready Florida language arts strategies (e.g., close reading, scaffolded instruction). A pair of tables (1) identify lesson activities and problems that require higher level thinking as measured by Webb’s Depth of Knowledge index, and (2) present a “Cognitive Rigor Matrix” that combines Webb’s and Bloom’s indicators of higher-level thinking and describes student behaviors that demonstrate higher-level thinking.

 About Curriculum Associates*


[Source: Curriculum Associates]

Curriculum Associates is a rapidly growing education company committed to making classrooms better places for teachers and students. We believe that all children have the chance to succeed, and our research-based, award-winning products, including i-Ready®, Ready®, BRIGANCE®, and other programs, provide teachers and administrators with flexible resources that deliver meaningful assessments and data-driven, differentiated instruction for children.

Because we are independently owned and operated, we are able to provide the best prices so that every district, school, and educator can afford to bring top quality resources to their students. By maintaining our independence, we are able to channel our investments toward the things that really matter—like product development, research, and unmatched customer service.

For the past 40 years, we have consistently developed high-quality products that make a profound difference in the lives of students and educators, and we will continue to bring these proven products—as well as new ones—to you in the future.

*The content in this section is provided by or adapted from Curriculum Associates.

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