New Product Review: W. W. Norton American Politics Today

W. W. Norton’s American Politics Today, 5th AP Edition, is a comprehensive product that supports instruction in Advanced Placement (AP) U.S. Government and Politics courses. Content is available in print and digital formats. Instruction explores concepts and issues in government and politics through the lens of contemporary American events (e.g., the 2016 presidential campaign election). The discussion emphasizes the critical roles of conflict and compromise in American political life, and how individuals and choices shape political behavior and outcomes. Learning List recently reviewed digital resources.

American Politics Today is organized in four parts: (1) Foundations, (2) Politics, (3) Institutions, and (4) Policy. Across parts, three “key ideas” anchor the text’s discussions: politics is conflictual, political processes matter, and politics is everywhere. Chapters include a set of features designed to engage student interest, connect content to their lives, and facilitate understanding of sometimes complex concepts. Some features include: [Read more…]