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New Product Review: Teacher Created Materials (TCM) Focused Mathematics Intervention and Focused Reading Intervention

Teacher Created Materials (TCM) Focused Mathematics Intervention and Focused Reading Intervention are supplemental products that support intervention in mathematics and reading in grades K-8. Content is available in print format and includes some digital resources. Instruction supports Response to Intervention programs at each tier. Learning List recently reviewed resources for both math and reading for grades 5 and 8. [Read more…]

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New Reviews: Sirius Grade 8 Science – STAAR Review/Prep

[Source: Sirous]

[Source: Sirius]

Learning List has reviewed Sirius Education Solutions’ Grade 8 Science: STAAR Review and Preparation WorkText. This supplemental, consumable print resource prepares eighth grade students for the STAAR science exam. Instruction reviews the tested science TEKS, including content from grades 6 and 7, and develops students’ test taking skills.

The WorkText includes four units that address (1) matter and energy; (2) force, motion, and energy; (3) earth and space; and (4) organisms and environments. Each unit begins with a short diagnostic test, a review of previously learned vocabulary, a preview of new terms, and “Get Ready” question that frames content.

Video Courtesy of Sirius

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Chapters begin by providing the full text of the relevant TEKS followed by student-friendly explanations of each standard. The instructional narrative is written simply and will be readable for most middle school students. New vocabulary is highlighted and defined in context and in a glossary. Content includes visual elements, such as illustrations, diagrams, and photographs, to support understanding. Items from the diagnostic test are revisited when the applicable content is addressed in the chapter. The discussion of test items identifies the correct answer and explains why other responses are incorrect.

Each chapter ends with a set of STAAR practice questions. Units end with sets of review activities, a graphic organizer, and a post-test. Review materials include a checklist of the key concepts and vocabulary needed to master each of the TEKS. Each unit includes a diagnostic test and a post-test formatted to reflect the STAAR exam. The WorkText also includes a comprehensive “Mixed Readiness” review formatted to reflect the STAAR test.

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