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New Product Review: TeachTransform Master Fractions

New Product Review: TeachTransform Master Fractions

Learning List has reviewed TeachTransform’s Master Fractions. This is a supplemental product that supports mathematics instruction in grades 2-5. Resources are available in print format and are designed for teachers. The text’s blackline masters must be copied for student use. Instruction focuses solely on fractions; other math content is not addressed. At each grade level, Master Fractions provides a variety of activities that help students develop the conceptual understanding needed to master the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) related to fractions.

At each grade level, Master Fractions is organized in sections, or units, made up of lessons that address specific concepts related to fractions. For example, at grade 4, sections address (1) representing and iterating fractions, (2) equivalent fractions, (3) comparing fractions, and (4) adding and subtracting fractions. Instruction emphasizes the use of visual models and simple manipulatives. Content is presented simply in black and white print and is designed for teacher use. [Read more…]

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New Review: TeachTransform’s Start Quick and Ramp It Up!

[Source: Teach Transform]

[Source: Teach Transform]

Learning List has reviewed TeachTransform’s Start Quick and Ramp It Up! This set of supplemental print resources supports mathematics instruction at grade 4. The program scaffolds instruction from grade 3 to 4 for struggling students and provides on-grade level and more challenging extension activities. Content focuses on developing students’ ability to reason mathematically and understand and implement problem-solving strategies.

Start Quick and Ramp It Up! content is presented five books that separately address (1) operations, (2) multiplication, (3) division, (4) measurement, and (5) algebraic reasoning.  Each Start Quick and Ramp It Up! book is organized in terms of the TEKS addressed by instruction. Books include the following activities:

  • Quick Starts are designed to help struggling students. Activities help students connect fourth-grade content to what they have learned in previous grades.
  • Ramp Ups are on-grade-level learning tasks that support students in applying core math content and extending learning through challenging problems.
  • Launches present more complex problems and offer an even greater challenge for students who have demonstrated mastery of content at the Ramp Up level.

Lessons incorporate common classroom objects (e.g., markers, base-ten blocks) and provide opportunities for students to work collaboratively and to discuss their problem-solving strategies.  Instruction emphasizes the use of precise mathematical language and includes “Thought Extender” discussion prompts that help students verbalize their thinking (e.g., “How is multiplication different from division? How is it similar?”).

About TeachTransform*

TeachTransform products are based on the work of Carol Gautier,  a math curriculum specialist who has worked in a variety of positions in Texas, including serving as Project Coordinator for Curriculum Support for Education Service Center Region 13.  TeachTransform products are written with the goal of helping students to love math and helping teachers to love teaching math.

The information in this section is adapted from TeachTransform.


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