Not only does Learning List provide value to a district’s curriculum and technology teams, it also can save the business/purchasing office hours of work complying with state and federal purchasing laws.
EDGAR compliance is top of mind in districts across the country. EDGAR is the federal law that requires districts to competitively purchase products and services valued at more than $3500 in a fiscal year. For purchases valued at $3,501 – $50,000 in a fiscal year, districts must obtain price quotes from “an adequate number of qualified sources.”  Learning List makes that easy! [Read More …]

Subscribers can quickly create a printable, editable side-by-side comparison of key information about the three materials they select, including:Budget Planning
  • Product description
  • Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP)
  • Relative “Strengths” and “Good to Know” information about each material
  • Alignment percentage
  • Subscriber ratings
  • Reference districts

The document is editable. Subscribers can use the MSRP as the price quote or replace it with a district-specific quoted price. They can also add their rationale for purchasing one product over the other two products in the comparison document.

The comparison can be printed or downloaded to serve as documentation of the district’s compliance with federal and state competitive procurement requirements. Thus, not only does Learning List assist districts’ curriculum and technology teams, now the business office can benefit from the service, too.